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Enrico Bigi - Antica Trattoria del Reno (BO)

Enrico Bigi

Chef and owner of Antica Trattoria del Reno

Enrico Bigi, Bolognese DOC, has been experimenting with the meat dry aging technique for years, even reaching extreme dry aging.
At his restaurant Antica Trattoria del Reno he offers his customers excellent dry aging and a unique culinary experience.

Lino Fervenza - Taberna A' de Lino - Spagna
Lino Fervenza
Chef and owner of Taberna A' de Lino

Directly from Spain, el hombre que pasea las carnes. He has been in the restaurant business for more than 25 years, he founded his restaurant in 1996, in a natural setting in the province of Pontevedra.

Massimo Nobili - Ristorante Nineteen (BS)
Massimo Nobili
Chef and owner of the Nineteen restaurant

Chef originally from the province of Rome, for 14 years has been cultivating a passion for catering in his magical place in the heart of Brescia: the nineteen. He is one of the pioneers of the fish aging technique.

2M1K - 2men1kitchen
Food Influencer

Niccolò Pau and Alessandro Granatelli, a couple of guys who do things in the kitchen. Creators of the format: What if I told you that?, where the proposed dishes look like some (famous) recipes, but turn out to be something else.

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