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Everlasting has been active in the field of professional refrigeration for more than sixty years, and has developed and produced exclusively Made in Italy high-quality products


Our STRONG POINT is the vertical integration of all phases of the production process. This means that our Company deals with all aspects of the products, from the first research and development phases, then to design, which is also carried out internally, as well as production and assembly, to conclude with packing and shipping.

In 2010 we decided to develop a product dedicated to curing and dry aging of hand-made products.

MEATICO is a project that is totally handled by our company, with the help of experts and technicians from the meat industry field. 
Everlasting’s historic experience in the production of professional refrigeration equipment has allowed obtaining a reliable and performant product. Particular care has also been devoted to product design. 

At the base of MEATICO there is the will to move the refrigerator from the kitchen to the restaurant room. What we had in mind was a professional quality refrigerating cabinet, aesthetically pleasing, elegant, expressing robustness without being invasive.
The real protagonist is the product transformation process taking place inside the refrigerated cabinet.


Everlasting is a historic company, started in 1956 through its founder's ambitious idea: to offer a reliable, high-performance, well-finished product on the market. Our mission is to pursue this objective with the same passion of the beginnings, and to focus more and more on aesthetics and perfection of forms, so as to strive for the perfect balance between performance and design for our products.


Meatico is not a simple storage refrigerator,
specifically developed to CURE and DRY AGE
hand-made products.

Curing and dry aging is
totally SAFE and PROFESSIONAL with Meatico.

» Strict respect of HACCP norms;

» Easy maintenance and cleaning of monoblock refrigerating unit;

» Easy internal cleaning thanks to rounded corners and racks to be removed without any particular tool;

» Internal equipment (wire shelves, bars, hook and hook rail) totally in AISI 304 stainless steel;

» Germicidal UVC lamp: internal sanitization to avoid bacterial growth.


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