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Pesce frollato all'interno dell'armadio meatico

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One of the articles of the iMEAT periodical is dedicated to meatico by Everlasting and to its range of products dedicated to DRY AGING.
IMEAT Giornale is a periodical that was created with the aim of providing information on all the news of the meat and butchery sector in a simple way.
The article deals with how the aging technique is becoming more and more common in the world of modern catering and how we at Everlasting have invested in this niche sector.
Besides the traditional models dedicated to MEAT DRY AGING, we have introduced a range of aging cabinets dedicated to FISH aging, a growing trend alongside the already well-known meat aging.

In order to provide our customers with a complete range of solutions to support them both during the aging and storage process, we have introduced a complementary product to the cabinet dedicated to dry aging: meatico STORAGE, the refrigerator dedicated to meat storage.

Read the full article on iMEAT giornale on page 22:

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