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Carne frollata all'interno dell'armadio meatico

What is meat aging?

Meat aging is a natural process that begins immediately after slaughter, making meat more tender, aromatic and tasty. The meat of the animal is not very edible right after slaughter: therefore, it is necessary to allow a variable time to pass, so that it becomes suitable for consumption. Only after a certain amount of time, the increase in acidity and the enzymes of the microorganisms present in the meat act on proteins denaturing them, resulting in an increase in softness, juiciness and flavor.
This process requires a variable period of time, depending on the type of meat and the result you want to achieve.

    Now let's see what are the phases that occur immediately after the slaughter of the meat.

    The stages that occur in all animals after slaughter are 3:

  • Pre-Rigor Phase:
    it is the period that goes from a few minutes to about half an hour after the death of the animal. Anaerobic metabolism still remains within the cells of the animal, which leads to the transformation of sugars into lactic acid and the lowering pf PH.
  • Rigor Mortis phase:
    it is the period that goes from 3-6 hours up to 24 hours after the death of the animal.
  • Rigor Mortis phase: it is the period that goes from 3-6 hours up to 24 hours after the death of the animal.
    This is the stage where the shortening of the muscle takes place and the meat becomes tough.
  • Post-Rigor Phase:
    this is the last phase that takes place after the slaughter of the meat: the meat becomes softer and the PH increases.
meatico - Frollatura Vacca bavarese
meatico - Frollatura Hareford Irlanda

How does meat aging takes place?

It must be assumed that temperature and humidity are fundamental factors, ensuring the perfect success of the aging process, since they are the two weapons against bacterial proliferation. As a matter of fact, the aging process must take place in total safety, in an environment where these parameters are strictly controlled; only in this way we will obtain a high-quality, tasty and safe product.

For a successful meat aging process, it is also necessary to keep 4 elements in consideration:
1. Meat quality: it is essential to know where it comes from and how the animal was raised and fed.
2. Aging time: it is essential to respect the meat aging processes, which vary according to the type of meat and the desired result
3. Process: the meat aging process is complex, so it is necessary to be informed about the different methods and their characteristics.
4. Meat aging cabinet: it is essential to rely on professional refrigerators, specifically designed for meat aging.

The different methods of meat aging

The main types of meat aging are as follows:

  • Dry aged is an aging process carried out at controlled temperature and humidity in every phase, with the aim of obtaining the maximum taste and tenderizing of the meat. Thanks to the action of enzymes, the meat becomes tender and releases up to 30% of liquids through forced ventilation. This loss results in a concentration of flavor, thanks to the exaltation of the natural glutamate present in the meat.
  • Wet aged is an aging method that takes place inside vacuum bags, packaged in a protected atmosphere, "soaked" in their liquid.
  • Butter / Tallow dry aged is the meat aging process in which the cut is covered with a layer of fat which, as the name implies, can be butter or tallow.
Meatico 700 - frollatura carne

As we have seen, the choice of the right meat aging refrigerator is fundamental.
Meatico is the dry-aging cabinet designed with the help of experts and technicians working in the meat sector. The renewed experience in the world of professional refrigeration has made it possible to obtain a high-performance, reliable product.
For more information on our dry-aging cabinet, do not hesitate to contact us.

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