Fish dry aging

Fish dry aging

Fish dry aging is an innovative technique and a new way of conceiving its consumption, which aims at the concentration of flavour, the meat softness and the exaltation of high-quality raw materials.

This technique is similar to meat dry aging, even if fish has different characteristics concerning above all the texture of the muscle tissue, which is less dense and structured than meat.

The fish to be subjected to dry aging must be of the highest quality, and the cold chain must be guaranteed until the catch arrives in the kitchen.

The preparation of the fish

The most delicate part in the fish dry-aging process is the phase dedicated to preparing the meat for dry aging. Knowledge, experience and professionalism are required, as the fish must be surgically eviscerated and scaled, in order to eliminate areas of the fish that may deteriorate in some way due to organic bacterial proliferation.

After this delicate and strictly controlled process, the fish can be left to rest in our meatico fish refrigerator at a temperature ranging between zero and two degrees. Obviously the perfect dry-aging point varies from species to species.

What happens to the fish when it is dry aged?

Aged fish dries, but does not dry out, and changes its structure acquiring a soft texture resulting from enzymes that relax stiff muscles; moreover, flavour is concentrated and the outer part will change colour, acquiring darker tones

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