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     The new trend of DRY AGING FISH

    Fish aging or dry aging fish is the new trend in the catering word that is joining the now well-known meat dry aging.

Pesce frollato all'interno dell'armadio meatico

What is it about?

To dry age means to mature, therefore to create the ideal conditions for the fish raw material to bring out its best qualities in terms of texture and taste.
Up to now all of us have been used to associate the term "fresh" with fish; with fish dry aging, we must depart from this common belief of freshness as a synonym of quality.

If it is true that a very high-quality raw material is required for aging, and that the fish must be caught and not farmed, it is also true that the possibility of reconsidering the entrails allows chefs and restaurateurs to economize, reducing waste from 60-65% to 30%.

The fish to be subjected to the aging process inside special refrigerators must be thoroughly cleaned so as to avoid any bacteriological risk. After this process, it can be put to sit at temperatures between 0 and 2 degrees.
Setting the temperature, humidity and ventilation parameters is one of the most delicate steps in the fish dry-aging process. 

And what about the timing?

The aging times vary according to the size of the raw material and the fleshiness of the fish itself. It ranges from a few days to a month for heavier fish. 


Meatico 700 - frollatura pesce

Everlasting Srl, a leader in the professional refrigeration sector for years, has created a range dedicated to fish aging.
MEATico fish, the refrigerated cabinet dedicated to fish dry aging, is equipped with advanced features created to provide chefs and restaurateurs with a simpler aging experience. For example, the FISHtouch custom display includes basic recipes that act as guidelines to approach the world of dry aging.

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